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Gold Glitter Grips™

Gold Glitter Grips™

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Welcome to our new Gold Glitter Grips™! They are so new, we don't even have a picture posted for them yet, but it's coming. They have all the same great benefits and features, so give them a try today!

  • It's simple, easy to use, and helps people hold their phone more securely and in different positions with minimal hand tension and avoid dropping it. 
  • Custom-made strong, comfortable, and adjustable elastic with Velcro® Brand closures makes it effortless to use smartphones, especially one-handed. 
  • 100% wireless charging compatible without removing it or the case.
  • Attaches securely with no adhesives.
  • Sleek, streamlined and pocket-friendly - no bulk or pocket bulge.
  • Quick and easy installation and removal with no damage to the phone or remaining adhesive residue.
  • Better stability and control for photos and videos.
  • Fits most phone cases and works with most car and bike grip holders.
  • Does not block the camera or charging port. 
  • Durable, washable, and long-lasting with regular use.
  • Sustainable materials and recyclable packaging to minimize environmental impact.
  • Mix of USA and International materials, prepared and assembled in USA.

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