Customer Reviews — Amazing

Katie | Southport, CT

"I absolutely love my SteadyStraps!  It makes it so easy to hold my phone with one hand while I am busy doing other things..."

Tom | Orange, CT

"I received the SteadyStraps yesterday! They are awesome!..."

Joe | Santa Clara, CA

"I am super happy with my SteadyStraps®!!  It is so much better that the old pop up I was using..."

Anna | Milford, CT

"I got the SteadyStraps samples today. I love it! I’ve been using it all day, and it is so much better than anything else I have tried to use. I gave one to my husband and my two boys. We are all
satisfied customers!"

Dennis | Woodbridge, CT

"SteadyStraps is a functional idea that really works. Once your hand is inside the strap, one cannot drop the phone. As you're using it, the strap faces outward for others to see the brand imprinted on it. I see this product as having many applications in the world of business. Extremely clever concept."