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How to Choose the Best Performing Promotional Products at the Lowest Cost?

Promotional products come in all shapes and sizes. Practically any product that you can think of can be made to display a logo and serve as a promotional product. However, not all promotional products perform well as a promotional tool and, therefore, would not be considered effective in promoting the sponsor's brand. The challenge is to find which products perform the best and are available at the lowest cost.

What is an effective promotional product? It's one that represents a company or organization's brand well, enjoys high recognition, and creates a favorable impression of the sponsor to the user and to others who see it. While cost is certainly a factor, effective promotional products can be both expensive and inexpensive. The key is to find the best product for your organization or business at the lowest cost.

With over 1 million products in the online promotional product databases, how do you choose the best product? It's actually very simple. There are three things you should look for in every good promotional product. 

The best performing promotional product will have these characteristics:

  1. Useable and Functional - a top promotional product must be usable and functional. If the product is not useable and functional, most people, especially Millennials - the largest buying group in the U.S. - will simply not use it. They will likely discard it and the sponsor's investment in it will be wasted. Products have to be practical and offer immediate value for people, and especially Millennials, to appreciate them and use them often.
  2. High Brand Impressions - the second and probably the most important element in choosing a top promotional product, is that it has to offer a high number of potential brand impressions. This is what the sponsor is actually paying for. This is the opportunity for a product to be seen by the user or others in the user's circle of influence, or both. Ideally, you would want a product that is used daily and even many times per day. A high number of potential brand impressions increases the promotional value, leads to a higher level of recognition of a company's logo, and possibly increased business for the sponsor.  Conversely, a low number of potential brand impressions minimizes the promotional value of the product and potentially deprives the sponsor of business that could have been realized with more visibly recognizable products.
  3. Cost - while cost does not necessarily determine whether a promotional product will be effective, it does make one product more attractive over another, if both products have approximately the same number of potential brand impressions. Total cost, or more importantly, cost efficiency (cost per impression) is a strong consideration in determining which product is purchased. Given an equivalent number of brand impressions, the more cost-effective products lead to more cost effective marketing campaigns. 

According to ASI's 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study (https://media.asicentral.com/resources/2020-Global-Ad-Impressions-Study.pdf), the promotional product with the highest number of total brand impressions is outerwear, followed by T-shirts, hats, bags, and finally writing instruments. These are the top five promotional products in the $25 billion promotional industry. Outerwear enjoys approximately 381 potential brand) impression per month. Writing instruments, long considered the least expensive promotional product, are approximately 1/10th of one cent per potential brand impression. This equates to $1.00 per 1,000 impressions. Unfortunately, while outerwear offers a high number of potential impressions, it is often expensive. Conversely, writing instruments are inexpensive, but they offer fewer impressions than some of the other top four products. What is needed is a product with the highest number of potential brand impressions at the lowest cost per impression.

How do you find such a promotional product? Interestingly, SteadyStraps® Brand phone straps, a new product in the promotional industry, offers the best numbers in both categories. Because people check their phones 150 - 300 times per day, promoting a company or organization's brand on the back of smartphones is using the best advertising real estate available today. At 4,563 potential brand impressions per month (verses outerwear's 381 impressions per month) and at a cost of only $0.07 per 1,000 impressions (versus writing instruments at $1.00 per 1,000 impressions), SteadyStraps® Brand phone straps offers nearly 12 times the number of potential brand impressions over outerwear (the #1 product in the promotional industry), at 1/14 the cost of writing instruments (the least expensive product).

To learn more about the promotional value of SteadyStraps® Brand phone straps, please visit: https://steadystraps.com/pages/for-brands.