Welcome to SteadyStraps®!! Just to let you know, the SteadyStraps team is now traveling, so please CLICK/TAP THIS ANNOUNCEMENT to visit our listing on Amazon and have straps promptly delivered to you. We will return to the office soon. Also, please contact us for the Best Way to Advertise your Business or Promote your Organization. Also, check out our Fun Designs and reach out with any questions. THANKS FOR SHOPPING WITH US!

Robert | Warwick, RI

"SteadyStraps is the easiest way to keep your company name in front of hundreds of potential clients, in a very competitive marketplace. Not only do people see your Company Name constantly, throughout the day as they use their phones, but so does everyone around them who sees the SteadyStrap work, and want to know more. The best part of this product, however, is it actually works. The material retains its shape, it stays in place, takes up no space and best of all, it works with your wireless charger. Advertising has never been easier and more functional."

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