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Ryan | Milford, CT

"I've been running three times a week for over a year with my SteadyStraps®. I'm someone who cares about measuring my progress, so having my phone on me while I run helps me track my runs. I'm out in it, rain or snow, all year round, so the right gear is very important. My runs have been MUCH easier not having to either have my phone flop around in a pocket, or have my hand get exhausted holding tight for miles as I focus on not dropping my phone. Over a year in use and my strap is still going strong. The Velcro® is as tight as the day I put on the strap, and the strap itself isn't fraying or stretching. Before I had a SteadyStraps, I didn't think of myself as someone who would ever need a phone accessory, but now I can't imagine not having a SteadyStraps attached to my phone case."

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